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Build Fountains Indoor wall, floor & tabletop water fountains + pumps, supplies & accessories to help build your own.
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1-2-3 Religious Christian Gifts & Jewelry:We strive to offer products that promote Christian reflection and faith through God’s Word. Our spiritual gift selection includes religious items such as collectible angels, wall décor and jewelry (14K gold crucifixes & guardian angel pendants).
1-2-3 Native American Indian Pottery & Gifts:We offer an extensive collection of hand painted American Indian art from the high plateau country of the West. Each piece is individually signed by the artist and combines the inspiration of their culture and breathtaking beauty of their homeland.
1-2-3 Wedding & Engagement Rings: You know it’s true love when you select a stunning engagement or wedding ring from our extensive selection. We are proud to present a dazzling, contemporary line of diamond rings, 14k gold bands, platinum engagement rings, and more. Our online jewelry store offers quality rings at affordable prices.
1-2-3 Indoor Water Fountains:Have you ever rested by an exotic waterfall or babbling brook? Did it take you away to a distant place and erase your daily pressures? It is now possible to feel this same way in your own home or office with any of our handcrafted indoor water fountains. Our custom designed wall, floor, and tabletop fountains are hand crafted to achieve a natural sound within a harmonious setting. Each piece is created to produce an atmosphere and sound that will help release the mind of unwanted "noise" and improve the quality of life.
Tabletop Fountains:Many people enjoy the wonderful relaxing sound of water fountains. Aesthetically, they add a subtle charm to any home or office: mentally, the calming effects can offer relief from the world: health wise, a natural humidifier is beneficial to all. Please enter to browse through our hand crafted selection of wall fountains, free-standing or floor fountains, and desktop models.
1-2-3 Fountains:Wall, floor, copper, slate, glass fountains, and more
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