Nature Bowl (3 sizes available)
Three sizes available. These indoor waterfalls are created completely of copper with a flame finish and clear coat, slate, and rocks. Water cascades out of the copper bamboo over a slate ledge that gently rests on a copper lattice to culminate in the pebble filled copper basin. In all of our indoor waterfalls, a standard 110v outlet is required for the quiet, long-lasting, powerful, adjustable-flow water pump that is included. All of our indoor waterfalls are re-circulating and do not need an outside water source.

Small fountain rests on a round legged metal stand (available in 24" or 34" high). Large fountain rests on a straight legged metal stand (available in 24" high only). These stands are an option for these fountains. They are not necessary, but add a nice touch.

*Any plants shown are not included.

Small (item 607): Diameter: 17" x Height: 4"- $450
Medium (item 606): Diameter: 23.5" x Height: 5" - $738
Large (item 605): Diameter: 31.5" x Height: 5" - $958

Availability: Ships from warehouse in 1-2 weeks. Nayer Kazemi fountains
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Price: USD 450.00
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