Blues Player
To say that a picture doesn't do justice to this fountain is a gross understatement. For one thing, Blues Player is eight feet the photo it appears to be about eighteen inches tall. The "strings" on the bass are actually one-inch thick copper pipe and the four jets are shooting approx. two feet in the air. This sculpture was created for a patron who lives out in California. In all of our fountains, a 110v outlet is required for the quiet, long-lasting, powerful, adjustable-flow water pump that is included. All of our fountains are recirculating and do not need an outside water source.

This fountain is created by a delicate hand. The entire fountain, including the musician, bass, and base, are created completely of metal (about 70% of the metal is copper, though chrome, brass, bronze and steel are used too).

*This fountain is completely hand made to order, so it can easily be customized. Whether you prefer a different size, or maybe an extra detail or two, almost anything is possible. Please contact us for details.

Dimensions: Length: 5' x Height: 8'

Availability: Ships from warehouse in 4-5 weeks. Harvery Gallery fountains
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Price: USD 6380.00
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